Importance of Creative writing

The form of writing that is free to craft a story or expression in the highest imaginative way is known as creative writing. Ideally, it is not meant to follow the guidelines that are crafted for general journalistic, professional or academic writing. The writer is free to explore and write the way they wish to, of course, without indulging in any kind of plagiarism. One can consider the fictional and non-fictional genre of writing as a part of creative writing. All kinds of poems, biographies, novels, and stories fall under the same category. In context to the academic environment, this form of writing is mainly divided into poetry and fiction courses and the prime focus is laid on writing in a unique and innovative style. When it comes to penning down content for screen and stage, typically termed as playwriting and screenwriting, the students are mostly mentored separately. However, it still manages to be a part of the same creative writing category.

It is believed that creative writing holds a very significant place when it comes to strengthening the concepts and imaginative power of people, especially students. If they are indulged in this form of writing, they are said to have much higher chances of excelling in subjects like mathematics, science and all kinds of languages. Being a pro at developing decent creative thoughts is very helpful in making a student disciplined and confident. Apart from this, creative writing boosts a person’s imagination, self-expression, communication as well as persuasion skills.